the Fish Bowl debates

Our fishbowl debate is inspired by conversations that we have around the office and with business associates, that generate sometimes heated discussions between those involved. So we thought, why not give it an audience? 

There are hundreds of topics discussed daily throughout the media from official sources, but there isn't often a chance to propose your own opinion and get your questions answered by these experts. In all of our fishbowl debates we have an 'empty chair' which allows the audience members to participate mid-debate, to allow just this. The idea is that it will form a rounded discussion and even if you aren't an expert in the area, we encourage everyone to get involved. 

The topics chosen are deliberately general, from within the digital space, to allow a broad range of conversation to occur and give the audience a viewpoint from the different areas of digital's take on the subject. 

The moderator, Mark, will have some carefully crafted questions, designed to keep the panel on their toes, and ensure the topic is covered fully for the audience. 

We, as Incendiary Blue, always try to strive for the best understanding and deepest knowledge in areas, and we'd like to be able to share with you. 

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